Homeowner Basics

How to Use a Chain Saw

The chain saw is one of the most important and straightforward power tools you can own.¬†Important for the application of making quick and easy work of cutting through any type of wood and… Read more


Product Care & Maintenance

How to Sharpen Your Chainsaw Chain

Having a chainsaw in your power tool inventory is a great way to make short work of any lumber based or tree landscaping projects. And with minor preventative maintenance, your chainsaw will last… Read more


Homeowner Basics

Choosing The Right Leaf Blower

Autumn, fall, whichever name you prefer, we can all agree – it’s a beautiful time of the year. And while the cool crisp air of fall and the leaves changing color may be… Read more



Hip-Mount or Tube-Mount Throttle? Which Should You Choose?

A leaf blower has become a ubiquitous tool used by professional landscapers and homeowners alike. Far more efficient over a rake or a broom, a powered blower makes quick work of leaf clean… Read more


Homeowner Basics

Lawn Care During Dry Seasons

The summer is in full swing bringing its warmest days and showing off its brightest sun. This will typically give a welcomed boost to plant life and vegetation, providing extra resources for photosynthesis… Read more


Style & Technique

Adding Color and Pop To Your Summer Landscape

Summer is in full swing and maintaining your yard has become its usual weekly routine. While maintaining and manicuring your lawn is of vital importance, something that can sometimes get overlooked is the… Read more