6 Tips to Improve & Maintain Your Small Backyard

Tips to Maintain Small Backyards

The season of backyard socializing is upon us. Wherever you are in the U.S., you’ve likely noticed the brighter sunshine, longer days, and warmer weather. Spring has sprung and soon enough, summer will bring us even more of these elements. And what better way is there to celebrate the seasons than with barbecues, fire pits, lawn games, and other social gatherings in your own backyard?

We often hear people say they’d love to host these types of gatherings but they just don’t have the space in their small backyard. And while space can limit your activities, it doesn’t mean you have an unusable space behind your house. In fact, with the right landscaping strategy, you can turn your small space into a live-able and loveable area you’ll want to spend all your time in.

Lawn and Gardens

The allure to being outside is that you’re spending some down time in nature. There are gardens, grass, trees, and other plant life. The right landscaping will ensure that you have a beautiful, intentionally designed space.  As you decide on what to grow, choose plants and elements that will both compliment your space and meet your expectations for maintenance involvement.

• Low water consumption
• High sun/weather exposure tolerance
• Moderate growth levels to provide full coverage but not overgrowth

Installations & Features

Many people love lawn statues or unique features like fountains or fire pits. Choose these very carefully for your small lawn and consider not having them as these often “fill” a small space both visually by drawing your eyes and by sheer volume.  If you implement features, choose pieces that will serve as smaller accents.

Go Vertical

Limited space means getting creative. If you have windows, long walls, or sturdy fences, take your plants upwards with window gardens, hanging potted plants, or slimmer trellises. You’ll afford your backyard more “green space” all while keeping plants off the ground for more lawn activities.


A well-designed backyard will need semi-regular grooming and maintenance. This will require lawn equipment like a mower, trimmer, and probably other small hand tools. Before you know it, you can have a serious arsenal of equipment that now needs to be stored. Cover your basic needs and keep equipment storage at a minimum with combo pieces that will do multiple jobs, like the ECHO PAS-280. Specifically engineered to outfit with multiple heads like a trimmer, edger, or blower, this tool will accomplish most if not all your small lawn needs and is easy to break down and store.


As stated above, more equipment means more to store; and storing away means a location to store those things – ideally not inside your home. Optimize storage with multi-functional pieces like storage benches, hideaway compartments, or a smaller, less conspicuous shed.

Play With Perspective

Landscape design is largely about visuals. Even a small space can feel like a larger one with the right techniques employed. Try to cast longer, slimmer lines with thinner trees or slimmer shrubs or plants. If you have mulched beds/flower beds, stay away from thicker/wider beds that call attention to the border of your smaller space and take away from activity space.

Using these tips will give you a good base to start from and get you in your backyard to enjoy this spring and summer. Don’t be afraid to try something new or ask a professional for advice.  And let us know how you maintain or arrange your backyard below.


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