Pro Knows

Stylized Hedge Trimming Tips

Creating beautiful lines on hedges isn’t as hard as one might think; it all depends on the tools you use. Doing the job by hand is possible, but using a power hedge trimmer… Read more


Homeowner Basics

Straight Trimmers vs. Curved Trimmers

You’ve seen both and possibly even used both, but which type of trimmer is best for you? Should you use a straight shaft trimmer for your landscaping needs, or would a curved shaft… Read more


Style & Technique

Lawn Striping Techniques

You’ve seen it before and you know you’ve wanted to create it yourself. Those lines that show up on ballpark fields, college football fields, and sports stadiums that make the lawn look incredible…. Read more


Product Care & Maintenance

Getting Your ECHO Equipment Ready for Spring

Springtime means waking up all that lawn equipment that has been hibernating for the winter, but it’s not ideal to just pull it out of the shed or garage and get to work…. Read more


Homeowner Basics

After Storm Lawn Maintenance

It doesn’t matter what location your lawn is in; at some point you will be hit by a storm. That storm could be a blizzard, thunderstorm, wind storm, or even a tornado. Knowing… Read more


ECHO Advantage

Low Noise Blowers – Why They Are Better

When it comes to leaf blowers, the first thought is usually how irritating they can be. In fact, the majority of blowers that people are familiar with are the ones that are noisy… Read more