How to Prevent Water Damage to Your Landscape

Prevent Water Damage to Your Landscape

Most people often think of summer as a bright, sun shining season filled with blue skies and warm temperatures. It’s not until the storm clouds are directly overhead that we’re reminded of the heavy summer rains and more frequent storms. And if you own acres of land, the heavy rainfall can significantly affect your plants by pooling up in flat, lower lying areas or zones with less irrigation.

This can mean a number of different scenarios for your grass or crops – from drowning the plants to causing high runoff and robbing your soil of its nutrients. To harness this rainfall and use it to your advantage, consider digging swales – long trenches dug with the contours of the land to evenly store and distribute water across the land. And if this sounds like something your property could use, check out a recent article we wrote for our neighbors at – Rural American Know How. You’ll learn how to properly execute and maintain a swale for optimal results that will last for years to come.

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